NativeManage is a system to enter, maintain, and report on the various forms that your native organization depends on. The system was specifically designed to help you manage information on your members, services, employees, inventory, vendors, programs, projects, and proposals. NativeManage excels in helping you manage your member enrollment information, the services you provide to your members, your preferred vendor program, and any associated files. It is a unified system intended to convert paper forms into electronic records that are easy to access and report on. The system can be accessed with almost any web browser and uses two layers of encryption to keep your information secure. Data is stored in a dedicated database for each organization and encrypted backups for each organization is stored offsite every eight hours.

Easy To Use

NativeManage is just a website, which means the system can be used with any device that can browse the web. There is never any software to install or update, and you know you are always using the latest version. In addition the system is "document centric", which means the system was designed to mimic using familiar paper forms. The system was also designed to be as simple and consistant as possible.


Pricing is based on the number of unique users that log into the system each month. We charge $40 per hour for any customization you request, which is completely optional. We will give you an estimate before we perform any customization for you. There are no other costs to use the system except that, even though we have never done so, we reserve the right to charge for in person training. In particular there is no hardware to buy or maintain, and no start up costs are required.


In order to make keeping up with market and customer demands as quick and easy as possible NativeManage was designed and built to be extremely flexible. Both form content and workflow can be customized to better fit how your organization works. All customization is performed by support staff and there are some restrictions on the formatting for forms. For example, a single electronic form can be at most 10 pages and only certain field types (text boxes, check boxes, etc) are supported.

Online And Offline Forms

A key advantage to using NativeManage is the ability to customize forms to better suit your organization. Any form in the system can be tailored to better meet your needs. Normally users log in to use the system but private forms can also be downloaded as a password protected PDF with a button to submit any data entered. This is especially useful in rural settings where there may not be a reliable internet connection. Public forms like applications or surveys can also be downloaded as a PDF without a password to submit the entered information. Any data submitted from a PDF is immediately available in the system to be viewed and reported on.


NativeManage is a service provided by Nontrivial Solutions, which is a member of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma. Nontrivial Solutions is owned and managed by James Bearden and is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians. James has been providing IT solutions to small busineses in Oklahoma since 2000.